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There is no denying that the renowned success of THE STUDIO is all down to the people….not only our students and their families but a great team who work to carry forward the values that are most important for our school: excellent teaching, an environment of positivity and encouragement, plenty of confidence, fun and friendship and most of all, inspiring a love for what you do.

Miss Emilie Hardy


Miss Emilie is currently completing her Fellowship which is the highest qualification available with the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, requiring exceptional creativity, breadth and depth of knowledge, and a very high standard of teaching.

Following her professional training and graduation from Doreen Bird College in London, Miss Emilie went on to work professionally for two major Corporations in America: Disney and Royal Caribbean

Unfortunately, injury brought her home to Dorchester rather unexpectedly, so she took the recovery time to further her teaching qualifications with the ISTD. One open door lead to another, and she quickly found herself gathering a variety of experience at schools and theatre organisations. Her career highlights include working alongside the Imperial Societies’ creative teams, lecturer for the Star Tap Awards in London, choreographer for Judy Murray’s Tennis for girls’ campaign, and a very prestigious role with the tap faculty at Bird College in London, teaching performing arts students professionally for the industry. As her own family started to grow, Miss Emilie made the difficult but transforming decision to break away from her freelance work and create her own school closer to home, and in 2009 she founded THE STUDIO.

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Emma Ford

STUDIO Manager

Along with her three sisters, Emma has been training with Miss Emilie at THE STUDIO since it was founded in 2009. She has a strong and full examination history in Modern, Tap and Ballet and has gained her valuable teaching experience from assisting with STUDIO classes for number of years. Emma does a wonderful job of keeping us organised for both class and stage, she coordinates the costuming, hair and makeup design for our performances, and works directly with Miss Emilie to organise the busy day to day running of THE STUDIO.

Inga Adams

Easy Years Professional & TRIX Coach

Inga began dancing at the age of 3 and through her journey has taken part in numerous examinations, festivals, musical theatre productions and pantomimes. Alongside her experience with Weymouth Operatic Workshop, dance and theatre life started off for Inga at a very reputable school in Weymouth, and she later joined THE STUDIO family in 2014. As a childcare practitioner Level 3 Diploma, currently studying for a Degree in Childhood studies, Care and Education, Inga is very experienced with the Early Year’s development and the needs of young learners, she also offers singing coaching alongside her time with us at THE STUDIO.

Antonia Pullen-Clarke

Universal Dance Teacher

Antonia was a student of THE STUDIO for over 12 years before going on to gain an MA in Choreography and Professional Practices at The University of Chichester. During her studies she was fortunate enough to work with choreographers and performers such as Liz Aggiss, Anthony Missen and Lila Dance, and continues to incorporate her broad range of styles into her practices today. Antonia now enjoys her passion for teaching and choreography both locally and further afield, and always loves a challenge within her work.

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Megan Ford

Guest Teacher & Choreographer

Megan was among our small set of students when we opened back in 2009, she has trained with Miss Emilie in each of the main dance and theatre genres from very small, always achieving great grades and excelling in all areas.  Assisting with STUDIO classes and festival preparations for a number of years has given Megan a wealth of experience which has led her to follow her passion for Choreography, Drama and Musical Theatre.  In 2019, Megan saw great success receiving a number of awards for her choreographic work. Now offering festival tuition alongside her job with the NHS.

Victoria Ford

Guest Teacher & Choreographer

Victoria trained at THE STUDIO for 13 years and during her time with us enjoyed some fantastic opportunities: The junior and adult Strictly Come Dancing productions for Weldmar Hospice Care, numerous events for The Duchess of Cornwall and very many dance festivals, including the regional All England semi-finals at Cheltenham.  At a young age, Victoria and her sisters were also asked to perform for Julian Fellows, all amazing experiences and wonderful lifelong memories. Victoria has recently graduated after training Professional Dance and Theatre at Masters Performing Arts College.

Mia Briant

Guest Teacher & Choreographer

Mia has been an amazing student and team member for THE STUDIO for many years and has been with us for various charity events and stage performances. Her elegance and musicality is second to none and we have been so proud to watch her grow as a lovely promising dancer. In 2021, Mia undertook the audition process for three leading dance colleges over the various lockdowns, and she hasn’t been accepted into one, but all three amazing colleges with a full 3-year placement for each. She chose her dream school Laine Theatre Arts and is currently in her final year where she will graduate in July 2024.

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