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Syllabus Courses

We recognise that we are all looking for something different from a school or weekly class, and we are really proud to have options to cater not just for all ages, backgrounds and experience levels, but for different learning goals as well.

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Syllabus Course Content

Our syllabus courses provide a clear path for progress and performance opportunity, with expert training in the four main theatre disciplines:

Our syllabus students will also have access to numerous performance opportunities throughout the year, where they can enjoy putting the skills they have learnt into practice on the stage. Explore our performance pages for more details. ISTD and LAMDA qualifications are both part of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) and can offer UCAS points needed for future college and university applications or higher level qualifications such as NVQ, Diploma or Degree. Perhaps not something you think about in early years, but good to know that the work you’re putting in could really help your future.


Learn & Achieve

At each weekly session, students will study an appropriate ISTD or LAMDA level in each of the disciplines, working towards an end goal of an examination.  Exams are staggered throughout the academic year enabling students to truly enjoy the reward of their learning and progress. Every year we move onto more complex things, gradually building the students strength, technical ability and musicality.  Each class meets once a week for 2 – 3.5 hours depending on the age of the group, and students really benefit well from the variety of styles a lengthier lesson is able to include. We can delve into a range of planned learning activities together, and make considerable progress each term. If you’re thinking about reaching your skills to a reasonably high level, this course option is definitely the route for you. Training in the main genres is key to becoming a capable and rounded performer, and we are delighted to have nurtured many artists into the professional industry…all starting right here with a STUDIO syllabus programme.

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Teaching is led by Miss Emilie who has a wealth of experience and skill, Miss Emilie was trained directly by the senior members of the ISTD faculty and during her career has taught alongside the team at London’s leading performing arts college. Her knowledge and detail is second to none which is always reflected in her students progress, examination results and joy for the style.

Please note that places for any of our syllabus classes are limited, Miss Emilie maintains small working groups in order to keep the quality of training high.

And if you want more?

Our short courses are perfect for skills, fun and fitness in a pressure free environment, but also offer great little bursts of add on training to our technically trained students progressing through their examinations with Miss Emilie.

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