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Keep your STUDIO calendar up to date here!  Below you will find our term start and finish dates plus any examination dates, performances, open days, rehearsals and festival date


SPC – Studio Performance Company

SDTQ – Solo, Duet, Trio, Quart (Festival)

BOLD –  First and Final Term Sessions

UNDERLINED – Deadlines and Closing Dates




Sunday 8th – SPC Rehearsals

Sunday 15th – SPC Rehearsals

Wednesday 18th – Start Of Autumn Term Part 1

Sunday 22nd – SPC Rehearsals

Sunday 29th – SPC Rehearsals



Sunday 6th – SDTQ Stage Rehearsal at The Bay Theatre, Weymouth College (all day)

Sunday 13th – SPC Stage Rehearsal at The Bay Theatre, Weymouth College (all day)

Saturday 19th – End Of Autumn Term Part 1

Sunday 20th- SPC Rehearsals

Wednesday 23rd – SPC Rehearsals

Thursday 24th – SPC Rehearsals

Friday 25th – SPC Rehearsals

Saturday 26th to Thursday 31st – Weymouth Dance Festival



Wednesday 6th – Start Of Autumn Term Part 2

Sunday 24th – “Weldmar Strictly Junior – Freestyle 2019!” At the Weymouth Pavilion



Friday 13th- Duchess of Cornwall Christmas Event

Monday 16th – Deadline for Exam Fees 

Saturday 21st – End Of Autumn Term Part 2



Monday 6th – Deadline for Exam Preparation Fees 

Wednesday 8th – Start Of Spring Term Part 1

Sunday 19th- STUDIO Oscars

Sunday 26th- Theatre exam session day 1

Monday 27th- Theatre exam session day 2



Saturday 1st – Exeter SPC Rehearsals

Wednesday 5th – Exeter SPC Rehearsals

Thursday 6th – Exeter SPC Rehearsals

Friday 7th – Exeter SPC Rehearsals

Saturday 8th – Exeter SPC Rehearsals

Wednesday 12th- Exeter SPC Rehearsals

Thursday 13rd – Exeter SPC Rehearsals

Friday 14th – Exeter SPC Rehearsals

Saturday 15th – End Of Spring Term Part 1 

Wednesday 26th – Start Of Spring Term Part 2

Thursday 27th – Start of TRIX short Course



Wednesday 4th  – Ballet Exam Prep

Saturday 7th  – Ballet Exam prep, Start of Studio Bros short course

Sunday 9th – Ballet Exam Prep

Wednesday 11th – Ballet Exam Prep

Saturday 14th – Ballet Exam Prep

Sunday 15th – Ballet Exam

Thursday 19th – U.Dance Rehearsal

Friday 20th – U.Dance Rehearsal

Thursday 26th – Last Trix Lesson, U.Dance Rehearsal

Friday 27th – U.Dance Rehearsal

Saturday 28th – Last Studio Bros Lesson

Sunday 29th – U.Dance Competition



Saturday 4th- End Of Spring Term Part 2

Sunday 5th – SPC Enrolment fee Due

Friday 17th- Sunday 19th – Contemporary course

Wednesday 22nd – Start Of Summer Term Part 1



Sunday 3rd  – All SDTQ booking deadline, Theatre Exams Part 1 due

Saturday 9th – Taunton Rehearsal

Sunday 10th – Taunton Rehearsals

Tuesday 12th – Taunton Rehearsals

Friday 15th – Taunton Rehearsals

Saturday 16th – Taunton Rehearsals

Sunday 17th – Taunton Rehearsals

Tuesday 19th – Taunton Rehearsals

Friday 22nd – Taunton Rehearsals

Saturday 23rd – End Of Summer Term Part 1

Sunday 24th – Ballet Exams part 1 due

Sunday 31st – Theatre exam part 2 due


Monday 1st – All SDTQ MUST be started

Wednesday 3rd – Start Of Summer Term Part 2

Sunday 7th – SPC rehearsal fees part 1 deadline

Tuesday 9th – Theatre Exam Prep

Thursday 11th – Theatre Exam Prep

Friday 12th – Theatre Exam Prep

Saturday 13th – Theatre Exam Prep

Sunday 14th – Theatre Exam Prep

Tuesday 16th – Theatre Exam Prep

Thursday 18th – Theatre Exam Prep

Friday 19th – Theatre Exam Prep

Saturday 20th – Theatre Exam Prep

Sunday 21st – Theatre Exams, Ballet exam part 2 deadline

Tuesday 30th – Ballet Exam Prep



Saturday 4th – Ballet Exam Prep

Sunday 5th- Ballet Exam Prep, SPC rehearsal fee part 2

Tuesday 7th – Ballet Exam Prep

Wednesday 8th – Ballet Exam Prep

Friday 11th – Ballet Exam Prep

Monday 13th July – Ballet exams

Saturday 18th – End Of Summer Term Part 2