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Examinations in Modern Theatre, Tap and Classical Ballet for our Junior 1 students and above

During classes, our students will be learning one of the ISTD’s carefully structured dance syllabi.  Each week they will progress together with their teacher through a selection of technical exercises and performance sequences created by an expert team of dance and theatre creators.  THE STUDIO is proud to be a member of The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, one of the world’s leading dance examination boards.

Our clearly defined examination structure caters for all types of learners, whether they wish to progress to making dance their profession or those pursuing dance purely as a leisure activity, all whilst taking place in the context of safe dance practice. From age 5 and above 

The ISTD is one of the worlds leading dance examination boards with the widest range of dance genres available. Conducting over 120,000 examinations globally each year with a wide spectrum of vocational, recreational, and social dance exams to children, students, amateurs and professionals. 

Established in 1904, the ISTD has a historical mission to educate the public in the art of dancing in all its forms, and today the Society continues to strive to advance excellence in dance teaching and education. They promote knowledge in each specialty and provide up-to-date techniques in the ever-changing world of dance, helping to maintain and improve teaching standards in schools, academies and performing arts settings across the world.

Examinations are such a positive and confidence enhancing experience, we couldn’t recommend them more.  Students have a clear goal and will be able to see the reward for their hard work and progress at each and every level they study at. And they achieve so many further skills as well, skills such as self-discipline, how to prepare for an important event and the importance of practice towards it, individual presentation and teamwork.   Furthermore, many of our examinations hold a points value with The National Qualifications Framework (NFQ), meaning that students can use their points achieved from their dance exams for college and university applications, and even towards higher level qualifications in later years.

Examination Invitations

Once a class has reached an exam ready standard, students will receive an examination invitation, inviting them to book

for their exam via our website. Please do carefully note the closing date on your invitation as late entries unfortunately cannot be accepted by the examinations board. Before accepting your invitation

and making your booking, please check the examination preparation schedule and ensure you are able to make each practice.

Booking Online

Your first booking will cover your entry fee to The ISTD together with the running costs of the examination day.

There will then be a second booking due slighter later on to cover the cost of your examination preparation sessions and administration.

Examination Preparation

During examination preparation, our students will be taken through a short course of valuable prep sessions.  These will help to secure their syllabus work, strengthen their knowledge and develop their overall performance.  The additional hours really accelerate the student’s technical and artistic capability and make a vital difference to their overall result.  Exam Preparation runs across a two-week period prior to the exam date and must be attended by those entering their examination.

Please find the exam prep schedules linked below:

Being Ready

In most cases, all students will be exam ready together as a group, but if a class member has perhaps started with us part way through the academic year, shown limited attendance for injury or illness, or missed some of the previous levels, we can offer some additional top up lessons to make sure they are fully prepared, the most important thing for us is to ensure that each and every individual is at the necessary point to go into an exam situation and that the entire experience is positive, enjoyable and rewarding. From our wonderful 5-year olds through to our inspiring young adults, we always endeavour to create happy exam memories for everyone involved.

As we have mentioned already, practice is key, and we encourage our students to set aside some time and space at home to rehearse their exam work, most of the exercises and sequences are performed one at a time in the examination meaning instant memory recall and all with confidence and a smile. To assist with home practice, families will be sent a link to a class drop box file containing syllabus music and other helpful documents to support their learning.


Following the exam, the examiner will submit his or her markings to The ISTD Head Quarters in London where they will be checked and moderated before being released to the registered school, this can take anything up to 12 weeks.  An individual report detailing the student’s areas of success and improvement will be available at this stage as well as an official certificate which will be presented on stage at THE STUDIO presentation day held each year.

Reports and Certificates

These will come through to us anything between 3 and 12 weeks after the exam, as soon as they arrive your teacher will hand reports out during lesson time, certificates will be presented at ‘THE STUDIO Oscars’.

The Importance of Practice

Although we do always have exam preparation schedule in place, is it key that students keep running through their syllabus at home…it really makes all the difference.

PLEASE NOTE: If a candidate is unable to take an examination due to illness, the ISTD will refund up to 50% of fee on receipt of a doctor’s certificate.


Thank you everyone.

Miss Emilie